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International Students
Service Center

Mission: Let the world have no hard time studying (tentative)

Vision: To create the warmest community of Chinese international students in North America

The P.E.A.R.L. Institute of NY is committed to creating a mutual aid community for Chinese students in North America (also known as a "Service Center"). The community is headquartered in New York City and will combine the Internet to build a "physical + cloud" multi-dimensional community. We hope that through the community, we will promote the healthy development of international students' academic, physical, mental and social spirit, and better adaptation to the problems caused by social and cultural differences. We also hope to promote the development of their study, livelihood, work safety and health. We will provide the social support needed by international students through workshops, lectures, and traditional Chinese festivals, enrich social interactions, and enhance the sense of cultural integration and psychological resilience between China and the United States. We will focus on the following eight major sections:


Social support

Provide daily life support, strengthen communication between international students and their parents, and provide psychological assistance for international students and their families

Crisis intervention

Provide effective and timely intervention for emergency health problems and psychological problems

Academic counseling

Provide language and curriculum counseling to improve students' academic performance

Community activities

Unite international students to form a social support system of mutual assistance

Social integration

Organize local community services to help international students integrate into American culture

Consulting services

Provide timely and effective psychological support, as well as legal, medical, tax, and other information

Personal development

Through high value-added activities, enhance self-worth and cultivate spiritual cultivation

Career planning

Provide employment information, resume promotion, career development, innovation, and entrepreneurship, etc.

Current Ambassadors

1_朱清 .JPG

朱清 Qing Zhu


卢欣乐 Xinle Lu


龚心怡 Zoey Gong

Conditions for becoming an Ambassador

* Study in the US and have obtained a corresponding degree

* Lived in the US for more than two years

* Have own unique insights in a certain field and obtain certain achievements.

* Willing to use free time to answer questions from international students and provide help as much as possible.

* Commit to providing at least one sharing for international students every year.

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