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PEARL Institute has always been focused on improving understanding and education in the field of cross-cultural well-being programs. By partnering with multiple organizations in the United States and abroad, PEARL has been able to help cultivate an open and free dialog among professionals and academics alike.

PEARL board members, in collaboration with major universities and research institutes internationally, developed international conferences in New York, Toronto, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Cambodia with various topics under the themes of evidence-based evaluation and practice, direct service competence, social policy, children and family services, etc.

PEARL Institute, in collaboration with universities, has offered joint certificate training workshops and programs to educators, social service practitioners and administrators, as well as groups of individuals, youth, families and seniors. The institute's professional certificate programs included long- and short-term courses that offer social work curriculum development, cultural competency training, clinical supervision, and in-service training of requested topics. International participants who are accepted into these programs will purchase appropriate health insurance coverage for the duration of their study in the United States.

PEARL Institute provides internship opportunities for current students as well as graduates who seek practical experience in public service, administration and clinical practice. Culturally competent field practice experience is an essential part of our internship. We welcome candidates from diverse educational backgrounds. The institute provides an experience for interns to explore the challenges and opportunities to work in local communities and in a global context. Interns will have the opportunity to get involved in one or multiple programs related to administration, research, education and/or direct practice.

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Each year since 2018, P.E.A.R.L. Institute brings together some of the finest minds in multiple fields of study to participate in talks and panels on that year's annual theme.

In 2015, PEARL Institute partnered with the Dept. of Social Work from National Taiwan University, the School of Social Work from New York University, and the Taiwanese Society of Social Work Education to host two professional symposiums on adapting Objective Standardized Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) techniques in the field of Social Work.

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